Phonak Audeo P30

The Phonak Audeo P30 offers great sound quality, increased functionality, flexible connectivity, and the ability to control and personalise your hearing experience wherever you are and even on the go.

The Phonak Paradise supersedes the Phonak Audeo P30 (apart from the Virto Black and Naida)

The Phonak Paradise P30 is the introductory technical specification of the Paradise hearing aid range. Please note that although all technical specifications are Roger compatible, the tap feature is only available in the premium rechargeable specifications (P90 and P70).

Also, the Motion-Senors are only available in the rechargeable versions of the P90, P70, and P50. Both the Speech Enhancer and Dynamic Noise Cancellation are only available in the P90 model.


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Battery: Li-ion battery
Mild to severe hearing loss
Direct wireless connectivity to iOS and Android devices
Tap Control
Motion Sensor Hearing


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