Phonak P90

Phonak Virto Paradise P90 hearing aid’s speech understanding
These custom-made hearing aids are designed to fit in your ear with ease and comfort and also include Phonak’s proven Paradise technology for a premium hearing experience.

As mentioned earlier, Virto P hearing aid’s Speech Enhancer feature can boost soft speech even in those tricky listening environments, so you can always enjoy and partake in conversations easily and more comfortably. Music and speech are also distinguished so your listening soundscape is seamless, crisp, and natural.

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Phonak Paradise P90 hearing aid’s Remote Control functions breakdown:
Control volume
Select programs for personalised sound
Create your own hearing profile
Use the Speech Focus slider to adjust the Dynamic Noise Cancellation

Remote Support functions breakdown:
Real-time video support with your audiologist
Upgrade and adjust fitting software with your audiologist
Your audiologist can also use the AudiogramDirect feature to see how well you’re hearing during an appointment

My Hearing Aids functions breakdown:
Status notification when your hearing aids are connected to accessories
Wearing time data
Battery status
Bluetooth call and Tap Control configuration

Hearing Diary functions breakdown:
Record feedback challenges and share them with your audiologist
Your audiologist can make adjustments in reaction to your hearing experiences
Set up hearing goals


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