Phonak Slim L70

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Phonak Audeo Life Lumity L70 hearing aid-compatible accessories:
Remote Control
TV Connector
myPhonak App

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Phonak Audeo Life Lumity L70 app, Bluetooth connectivity, and colours
Using the myPhonak app you can tap into new health-tracking features. For example, tracking steps, activity, distance, and wearing time. You can also use the Remote Care app feature to gain a more bespoke listening experience and telehealth services.

You might also find the Remote Virtual Appointment feature convenient for on-the-go adjustments with your audiologist via the Telehealthcare option.

These hearing aids are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, have universal connectivity, and can connect to multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices. For direct calls and streaming you’ll need Bluetooth 4.2 as a minimum.

Available in eight colours, these are Sand Beige, Beige, Sandalwood, Chestnut, Champagne, Silver Grey, Graphite Grey, and Velvet Black.



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