Resound Nexia 7

Resound Nexia 7 hearing aid proven statistics

70% of hearing aid wearers prefer small, more discreet hearing aid styles and this is why Resound has designed the new microRIE – their smallest rechargeable model to date.

There is a 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise as well as being even better in surrounding sound/background noise. Resound has stated that this is due to their combination of narrow beamforming directionality for hearing in noise and their omni-directional listening. Thus, allowing wearers to hear at their best in various environments.

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Resound Nexia 7 hearing aid features

Environmental Optimiser: Automatic adjustments of settings. This means you get optimal hearing even when you move through different environments.

DFS Ultra III: This reduces feedback as well as maintaining amplification without losing sound quality. This means you don’t experience feedback or sudden sound reduction, which is what some other hearing aids do to prevent feedback.

All-Access: Automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns, giving you support when engaging in conversation in surrounding sounds when on the move.

Ultra Focus: This feature focuses on speech from in front of you as well as feeling a part of the environment.


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