Oticon More 1

Oticon More 1 hearing aids give you:
More of the meaningful sounds around you
More balance and clarity of all the little details
More captures of the special moments that sounds bring to life

Oticon More 1 rechargeable hearing aids and charging systems
Currently, the Oticon More hearing aid range is only available in a rechargeable RIC design. The Oticon More 1 miniRITE R hearing aids are a discreet rechargeable style with technology for you to gain from all relevant sounds.

The Oticon SmartCharger is compatible with Oticon More which features a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and is also a power bank for your devices on the go.

Changing tradition with Oticon More 1 hearing aids
The idea behind Oticon More 1 hearing aids is to change how traditional digital hearing aids have been designed in the past, which was focused on speech coming from in front of you. Using guestimates and human hypotheses to assist in speech and reduce background noise. Resulting in stopping your brain from getting all the soundscape information it needs to process successfully.

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Oticon More 1 hearing aids – The importance of accessing more sound

Sound is simply not enough for your brain. Past hearing aids were designed to focus on speech alone from in front of you, ultimately stopping your brain from receiving the sound information it needs.

Your brain needs access to more sound because sound environments change all the time and involve so much more than just speech. To successfully work organically, your brain needs the full scope of sound, which is one of the main highlights of this hearing aid.


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