Resound Nexia 9

Resound Nexia 9 hearing aid features
Environmental Optimiser II: As well as adjusting volume per environment, Environmental Optimiser II can tailor adaptive noise reduction per environment. This means you get a nice balance of adaptable hearing in various environments and comfort in noise.

DFS Ultra III: This reduces feedback as well as maintaining amplification without losing sound quality. This means you don’t experience feedback or sudden sound reduction, which is what some other hearing aids do to prevent feedback.

360 All-Around: Uses real-time data about your environment and sound direction and adjusts giving you sound from all directions so you can focus on what you want to.

Front Focus: The same as above but gives extra emphasis on the person in front of you so you can hear through the noise in a conversation.

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Resound Nexia 9 hearing aid models and colours available
microRIE 60: Rechargeable hearing aid with Lithium-ion all-day battery, tap control, push button, streams calls from mobiles, connects to Resound’s wireless accessories (like the TV-Streamer+), and can be charged with the premium, standard, and desktop chargers.

RIE 61: 312 Zinc-Air battery, push button, connects to Resound’s wireless accessories (like the TV-Streamer+) and streams calls from mobiles.

RIE 62: 13 Zinc-Air battery, multi-function button, telecoil, connects to Resound’s wireless accessories (like the TV-Streamer+) and streams calls from mobiles.

BTE/Power BTE: Rechargeable BTE hearing aids, lithium-ion battery, push button, telecoil, connects to all Resound’s accessories, and charges with a desktop charger.

ITC/ITE: Rechargeable custom hearing aids with a lithium-ion battery and custom charger.

CIC: Traditional battery In-Ear hearing aid with a 10A zinc-air battery.

Colours available in the Behind-Ear options: Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold, Bronze, Warm Grey, Graphite, Espresso, and Deep Black.

Colours available in the In-Ear options: Anthracite, light beige, beige, medium brown, brown, and dark brown.

Compatible accessories: TV-Streamer+, PhoneClip+, Multi Mic, Micro Mic, Remote Control, ReSound Smart 3D App.




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