Resound Omnia 9

There is a clear focus on improving the wearer’s listening experience in the most challenging background noises. Omnia also brings some improvements two years after the Resound ONE hearing aids range. These are:

  • They have improved their sound environment using their 360 All Around technology.
  • They have made their processing faster for better selection and detection.
  • They have narrowed their beamforming for more speech clarity in all listening environments.
  • There is also hands-free calling for both iPhones and iPads available.
  • Own voice perception gets an upgrade too.


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Listen better in noise with Resound Omnia 9 hearing aids

What does all the above do for your hearing? It is said that Omnia gives you automatic focus on what you want to tune into or listen to. This means you have full control of how you want to hear and not your hearing aids. Previous Resound hearing aids did a pretty good job of making speech clear in noisy environments, but there could be times when loud sounds from behind or at the side would distort the soundscape. With Omnia, it’s all about the background noise.



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